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Autori: Subjekti: What is So Charming About Pandora Charms?

Postuar mė 25-11-2013 nė 10:18 Edit Post Reply With Quote
What is So Charming About Pandora Charms?

The pandora charms bracelet is always a great hit during the spring and summer months, as the weather makes it perfect to show them off while you're at the beach, or sunning by the pool. They've been in fashion for several years now and don't seem to be on the way out. I can still remember the first bracelet I saw, and how very intrigued I was with it. A young woman I worked with had been given one by her husband, as a gift for their first anniversary. He'd included a charm for each of the special times they'd had together and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

What is it about the Pandora charm bracelet that makes it so popular with women the world over? I really couldn't understand why they were such a craze at first, even though I was fascinated with the idea of adding charms to the bracelet as you could afford them. I was sure the bracelets were just a passing fad, and that within a year or so they'd no longer be found on the market. I was wrong. In fact, I believe that the bracelets are even more popular now than they were several years ago.

Originally there was a fairly select consumer audience buying the charm bracelets, typically the young woman in her early twenties who could afford the bracelets and could afford to keep on adding charms. Or perhaps she had a husband or boyfriend who was more than happy to buy them for her for birthdays and other special occasions.

pandora canada were a bit too expensive for the teenage school girls who weren't working full time to afford, and they didn't seem to be too popular with the older women in their mid to late 30's. All of that has changed now, as the women who were just starting out at work when the Pandora charm bracelet first became popular, are now in their 30's with children of their own. And yes, they're still updating their Pandora charm bracelet. They're also buying small bracelets for their younger children and fitting them out with beads! Teenagers are now asking mom and dad to buy the bracelets for them.

There are other bracelets, similar in style, that are competing with the pandora charm bracelet. You have Troll beads, Chamilia charms, Italian charms and a vast variety of look-alike charms, all vying for first place in the market. One salesman I talked with mentioned that at least in his area the Pandora charms were more popular with younger women and teens now, whereas Troll beads seemed to be preferred by women in their 30's and older. Personally, these days, I prefer the design of Troll beads over Pandora charms as there seems to be a bit more diversity and in my opinion at least I find the Troll beads more unique.pandora charms online are very pretty and they make a fantastic gift for someone special in your life too! Just be sure, if you're getting charms to add to someone's existing bracelet, that you don't end up buying something they already have, or something similar to what they have. You may want to enlist the help of someone close to them if you're not sure what charm to get. But it's a gift that you can't go wrong with, if you plan ahead and do a little detective work to find out what charm is the charm of choice.

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